Harry Potter is my life!!!!

Hello peoples!!


I have one thing to ask you. What is your favorite movie? Mine, by far is Harry potter, I’m a Harry potter geek, freak or whatever you want to call me! I really don’t care. I had a Harry potter birthday party for my 10th birthday! I have a room full of potion sets, harry potter mini figures and a couple posters! I went to Harry potter world in Universal Studios! I’ve had butter beer and pumpkin juice AND I’ve seen and been in Hogwarts castle (of course it wasn’t real but it was still really cool;) I’ve got Fleur Delecors wand from Olivanders wand shop! And I just had my birthday and my friends all know that I love harry potter so I got a bunch of new stuff for my b-day!!! Anyway, I think you know how much I love harry potter so I’ll say goodbye… Bye!!    Clara 🙂

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