Spirit days!

Hello to all the peoples in the universe!

Today I’m going to talk to you about spirit days, if you are still in Elementary school or any school really, then you probably have spirit days. For those of you who don’t know what spirit days are, they are fun days that you have at school! Some examples of an spirit day are PJ day, Backwards day and many others. One that we are having this upcoming week is dress like your favorite book character. My best friend, Emily and I are dressing up as Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics! I’m Veronica and Emily is Betty.

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Breaking News!

Hello there!

Today I have some breaking news for you! You know how I said in my About Me post that my family and LOVE to travel? Well apparently that love continues! This year we had a lot of trouble with deciding where to go. We were thinking about going to the Rockies again like we did last year. But being Canada’s 150th and all its been really hard to  book even a campsite up there. So, so much for that! But two weekends ago I was at my best friend Emily’s house and when I got home I heard the news! My sister told me that we were going to Indonesia for the summer, witch is also in Asia! if you have ever been to Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter, Comment to me and I will respond!

Clara 🙂

Best Friends!


I’m here to talk to you about my two Best friends! Emily Swetlikoff and Emily Grier. Yes it is confusing but there both wacky and funny, just like me! Ive known Emily G since pre-school. And Ive known Emily S since before pre-school, We met when we were about 1 year old. At kinder music. They also have blogs So go to Mr. Lister’s Class blog and we will be there!

Got to go! Its Lunch Time and I am starving!



Fairy Tails

Hello guys! For the past couple weeks My best friends have been working on a story about friendship. We all picked our favorite animals and made them characters in the book. I’m Mylo the koala, Emily S is the bunny fluffy, And Emily G is the elephant Eli. Its not finished so dont judge!

Once upon time there was a koala, and his name was Mylo .  Mylo was just a normal koala but this is the story of how all that changed.  One day Mylo when was just 5 years old. His  best friends Eli the elephant and Fluffy the bunny came over to his tree to play. They were playing house in Mylo ’s tree  when the town bullies Ding, Doe and Do walked down below the tree and were laughing at them for playing such a babyish game. Ding, Doe and Do were all Dingos and Dingos eat koalas and bunnies . But these were dingos in training and dingos in training are not allowed to eat koalas or bunnies. Eli  on the other hand was about to stomp on them for being mean to her friends. But Fluffy, the cute but kinda crazy bunny thought that everyone deserves a chance so she got in the way. Eli  didn’t mean to stomp on her friend but she accidentally did.  Mylo swung down from the tree stuck her tongue out at the dingos and carried the bunny to the doctor, Dr. Monkey. Dr. Monkey said she had a broken leg and that the only way to cure a broken leg is to find a magical sunflower seed.  “You will have to journey long and far for this because it’s a very rare flower and you will have to take fluffy with you because she will need it as soon as possible.” said Dr. Monkey. So they all went back to Mylo’s tree and slept there for the night and in the morning they would all travel the long journey to find the rare sunflower seed.In the morning they woke up, packed all their needs, jumped on Eli’s back,  And started on their long journey.  While they were passing through the main village they bumped into Dr. Monkey, who gave them a


compass so they wouldn’t get lost.  They thanked Dr. Monkey and continued on their way.  Soon they were well past the village and they were getting tired so they found a nice flat and sheltered spot from the trees. Mylo collected dry wood for the fire, Eli set up the tent and laid Fluffy down for a nap. They roasted weenies  and s’mores, and saved a graham cracker for Fluffy. The next morning they ate their breakfast and continued on their way.  They were hoping that today they would pass through the bamboo forest. It might be a bit creepy and a very long forest but at least it was one  step closer to the magical flower. Soon after they had left camp they spotted something strange, about 800 meters in front of them they saw a wall of green…  They walked a bit more and realised that it was the bamboo forest! But their luck soon ended, they realised that the bamboo forest was not going to be that easy to get through… They saw two fersium lions pacing back and forth along the ridge of bamboo, and they didn’t look like they were going to let them pass anytime soon. They started to debate what they should do, Eli wanted to stand up to them, Mylo wanted to ask politely if they could cross and Fluffy wanted to find another way around the forest but Eli reminded them all what Dr. Monkey said, that the only other ways were ones with animals and monsters much worse than whatever they may face in the bamboo forest. They took a vote and decided to ask them if they could cross because maybe if they told them about their journey they would understand and let them pass. Now the only trouble was deciding who was to go up and talk to them because no one wanted to get eaten. They finally decided that they would all go together. They started to approach the lions, but very carefully because they did know if the lions had seen them yet. They finally got to the lions. “Excuse me Mr. Lions”. Stammered Mylo. “could you possibly let us through we are on a journey to find the  magical sunflower seed to heal our friend’s  foot.” The lions looked at them for a moment or two then roared as loud as they could at them in defense. “Well that’s a no for sure.” Said Fluffy. So the animal friends started to back up and tried to think of another plan. Then out of nowhere a figure swung out of the bamboo forest on a vine and swung right onto the lions. Then started to attack them quite furiously. The three friends just stood in disbelief. They quickly realised that this figure was a adorable, fluffy,   panda. Soon after the panda started attacking the lion they  fled from the scene  crying and bruised.  The panda grabbed another vine and swung right back in front of them. The friends didn’t know what this crazy panda was going to do next. Eli was the first to speak, “Um thanks for helping us.” said Eli unevenly. “Your welcome” said the unknown  figure surprisingly very cheery after fighting. “ So,  what brings you to the bamboo forest?” Said the  panda. “Whoops! My name is Mo!”  Said the panda “Oh, Uh hi Mo, I’m Mylo and  this  is Fluffy and this is Eli” said Mylo . “Hi Mylo, hi Eli and hi Fluffy! “said Mo.  “So what’s your mission?” Said Mo. “ What makes you think we are on a mission?” Said Fluffy. “No one comes into the bamboo forest for a picnic, especially with a broken leg and lots of rations.” Said Mo. The three friends looked at each other wondering if they should let Mo in on their search. She seemed trustworthy but maybe she would take the magical sunflower for herself.  “Alright you caught us, Were on a mission to help Fluffy, We have to find the magical sunflower to heal it otherwise she will never be able to hop again!” Said Eli.  Mylo and Fluffy nodded in agreement. “So can you help us?” Said Mylo. “Well of course I can! I know a secret passageway that avoids the panda kingdom cause trust me when I say this that you do not want to go through them.” Said Mo. “But if you live with them why don’t you turn us in?” Said Mylo. “Because They always make fun of  me because I was born with ninja powers.” Said Mo. “ Now come on!” The three friends looked at each other than followed Mo into the bamboo forest. After traveling through the forest for what seemed like days Mylo

finally  said “ where are you taking us!” “We refuse to go any further without you telling us what’s going on!” Said Eli. “I already told you we are going through the secret passageway.” Said Mo. “But let’s rest for a bit i’m exhausted!” Said Mylo.  “ Good idea”. Said Mo. They sat down and ate some eucalyptus leaves (at least Mylo and Mo did.)Eli and fluffy ate a vegetarian meal together.   

Track & Field

Hello to all the peoples in the universe!

I’m here to talk to you about track and field. Yes the sport that has been around since the first Olympics. The sport that is one of my very favorite sports. As you probably already know, I also love and play hockey. But three years ago, I started Chilliwack Track and Field Club. And now I train with my sister (who is 15) and her coach, who is the head starter for BC athletics. This year I have already competed in several non-school track meets. I’m not exactly sure if this is true for all of you, but normally people in elementary school just do school track, and thats completely fine, but in club track the competition gets a lot higher. I enjoy track and I have been training all through the winter and I’ve noticed a BIG difference in my times this year. Some of my favorite events are, 600m, Long Jump and 60m hurdles. In school Track you would do the 400 or 800 instead of 600, and 100 instead of 60m. I really hope that if you live in Chilliwack, or anywhere in BC, I hope you will come out to Track and Field!

Thanks for listening! Clara😋😊


My Living Book!

Hello guys!

This is a story that really happened to me and and was a project for school!


Hello my name is Clara Markey and the title of my  Living Book is “Summer Trouble!”


My story takes place when I was around 4 or 5 years old at a time when I didn’t know how to swim without a lifejacket.  The day in question was a warm summer day and my family and I were staying at a friend’s cottage up at Cowichan lake in Vancouver island for a couple days.  


I was sitting on the end of a fairly long dock, drinking lemonade and minding my own business. A couple minutes later I had finished my lemonade and wondering what to do with it… should I go back to the cottage to get more or just leave it on the dock.


Then, for some bizarre reason I threw the cup in the lake.  I watched it for a couple moments wondering why on earth had I done that.  When I realized my mistake, I dove right into the lake, fully clothed and with no lifejacket, and no one on the dock to help me.  


I quickly scooped up the cup but soon ran into trouble. I made an attempt to get back up on the dock, but I was young and weak and didn’t have enough power to lift myself out of the water and onto the dock.


I was now stranded and desperate.  Stuck, half of my body submerged in the water with the other half hanging off the dock, calling for help.


No one could hear me because of the long dock. I started to shiver because of the cold temperature of the water in the lake. So here I was, in a difficult situation that was completely my own fault with no idea what to do next.  


I was desperate.  I started getting really scared because I was thinking of the movie Jaws, and so I was afraid that 25 foot shark would come up and eat me (even though it was a lake.) About 5 minutes had gone by and I was freaking out! I tried shimmying across the dock to a place where it was low enough to pull myself up and out. But it was no good because I would just fall back in and almost drown.


Another 2 minutes went by and I was thinking that if no one came for me in the next minute I would probably be shark food.  I tried calling for help but again no one heard me.


Then finally my dad, who was wondering where I had gone, saw the cup on the end of the dock. He came out and saw me struggling.  He quickly lifted me up, hugged me and politely asked my sister to get a towel. I was shivering and my lips were blue. You have to remember that it was around 4:30 and the water was quite cool. He asked me what happened and I told him that I accidentally fell in the lake. (I left out the part of the cup because I was not in the mood to get laughed at.) He laughed softly and and wrapped the towel around my arms. My sister came running up the dock with my mom and she asked me why was I out there all alone, I frowned and sat down on the dock. We walked back and for the next two days, I didn’t go in the water… Until we went tubing, then I couldn’t resist!
One thing I learned from this experience is…  That to always think before you act. Thank you for listening to my living book. 

You can Also go to http://livinglibraryproject.ca/ And Check it out there too!

Bye! Clara 😉


Hello there!

Today im asking for something kind of special, I would like you to send in your favorite quote or saying or whatever and send it to me! The reason why I am doing this is because I love quotes and I think there really cool and I would like to hear your thought on them. My personal favorite is… All the world is a book, if you haven’t traveled you’ve only read the first page! And another one is… If life gives you lemons, throw it back and ask for Chocolate! So if you’re reading this please send in your coolest, funkiest and wackiest quotes!

Thanks!     Clara;)   


Hello to spring!!!!!

Hey there! I have a very important question to ask you? What did you do for spring break? Did you sit around playing video games or did you go traveling with your family and friends? I went traveling with my family! We went to Sayulita Mexico! It was my first time going to Mexico and I LOVED it! The hotel we stayed at was owned by a couple who lived on the ground floor and they own a bunch of animal rescue dogs and cats! They owned four dogs and four cats, Be Be, Chewia, Bernardo and another one that we never found the name of, were the dogs and Odis, Mylo, Chocolatia, and Bell were the cats. Be Be, Chewia and the other one are all Chihuahuas, and Bernardo was a Rottweiler. Odis and Mylo are twin brothers and part Siamese.  Odis is my personal favorite cat because he was so friendly, and once in the middle of the night he crept into my sisters and mine room and he layed on top of my head and purred until I woke up and shooed him away. And every morning at 10:00am he would come at sit at our door and purr until we opened the door and let him in! Our place was 5 minute walk to the beach and town. We did a couple hikes and my sister and I took surfing lessons and rented them for two days after.

Thanks for listening to me and have awesome day! Clara 🙂


Hello to all the people in the world!!!


Do you know what happens in the environment around you? Well I didn’t completely until this afternoon. I live in Chilliwack BC and there is around 250 to 300 people that are living in the streets. I learned this because a very nice man named Cory, who works at the Salvation Army, came into my class to talk about homelessness and what we can do about it. His job is called an outreach worker, he walks around Chilliwack looking for people that are homeless and try’s to help them. I thought that teachers and Doctors were very important jobs, and they still are but when you think about it what is more important than helping the people in your community and trying to understand more about them? I think it’s very important that we all try and understand what’s happening around us. After Cory came in, my class and I thought of ways of how we can help. We have decided to collect clothes, canned food and more, I think this will be a very good way to contribute to the world around us. Thanks for listening to me and I will see you next time.     Clara 😉

Harry Potter is my life!!!!

Hello peoples!!


I have one thing to ask you. What is your favorite movie? Mine, by far is Harry potter, I’m a Harry potter geek, freak or whatever you want to call me! I really don’t care. I had a Harry potter birthday party for my 10th birthday! I have a room full of potion sets, harry potter mini figures and a couple posters! I went to Harry potter world in Universal Studios! I’ve had butter beer and pumpkin juice AND I’ve seen and been in Hogwarts castle (of course it wasn’t real but it was still really cool;) I’ve got Fleur Delecors wand from Olivanders wand shop! And I just had my birthday and my friends all know that I love harry potter so I got a bunch of new stuff for my b-day!!! Anyway, I think you know how much I love harry potter so I’ll say goodbye… Bye!!    Clara 🙂